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You can consider your website design successful only when it generates leads and brings in sales. We’re in business – so we know very well what we are talking about. We create not just pretty pages: we create the custom web design solutions that help you deliver results.

Sometimes it is difficult to provide an example of what is, and what is not, successful website design. You can find a gallery of our web designs in our portfolio, but that is more about visual design. There are lots of things happening “behind the scenes” of each web site — crucial things; things that happen before the site is even built; things that should be hidden from the user though it may have been very hard to achieve its invisibility. It’s not easy to showcase these important website design issues, such as Information Architecture, Search Engine Optimization, Accessibility, Coding, Usability, Illustrating and Writing. Surf through our web site design services area so we can show you what makes us different.

Since 1999, Virtual Promotions LLC has designed over 170 websites for a whole spectrum of international businesses, entertainment and travel companies, and non-profit institutions and organizations. Beside standard websites, we have integrated whole packages of legacy applications to the web for applications such as time billing, purchase order tracking, customer care, human resource feedback surveys, blogs, document management and other products.

We offer a free initial consultation where we determine your goals and demonstrate web design work specific  to your industry, as we have done for other clients. If you want to see more, we will work on up to 3 graphic mockups of your proposed new site. You tell us what you like, we will make any graphic design or navigation improvements required, then use the result as a conceptual design to complete the website. Simple websites can be made in as little as several days, while large, or database-driven, sites or shopping carts can take a few months.
The web-sites we design are search engine-friendly, and we can even set up Google sitemaps for convenience and better indexing.

Contact us for a FREE quotation or consultation for your development project or web design.